Year : 1999

This was year that I was born, 13th July 1999. I was actually due in September but aftery mums waters broke I couldn’t breathe so they doctors had to get me out quickly as possible. My mum had a cetacean as they need to save me. My mum was at the time 18, her 18th was the week before. 

At 11:49 pm, I was born. My parents only held me for a few minuets then I was rushed into a life support machine. 

I had a lot of operations which consisted of heart operations, Lungs operations, Liver operations and many more. This was because I was undeveloped. 

There was a point which shocked my parents which was that I wasn’t breathing, the machine I was on damaged my left lung which meant I was limited of air. The doctors tried there hardest but they thought they couldn’t save me.

After a few months of being on a life support machine, I was realsed from hospital. Even thought I still  had to have blood transfusions.


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