When it comes to beauty, the main difference between the two make up looks I flitter between is an effortless (yet bold) red lip. It’s the colour I’ll see Alexa Chung wearing on her lips (coffee in hand, naturally) with barely there eye make up- creating that ‘just-rolled-out-of-bed-slightly-smudged-but-utterly-effortless’ look, which pretty much tops every cool stake there is, right?

For me, I’m all about the timeless beauty staples- the things that’ll see me through years, seasons and moods- and remain a constant in my make up bag- which to me, is where a classic red lip (Rouge Allure, I’m lookin’ at you) comes in. So, when I discovered the latest Le Rouge Autumn collection from Chanel (and the first from their incredible Global Creative Make up and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica), I was exceptionally excited- nothing says classic like a pillar box hue. With the colour incorporated into a beautiful blendable shadow palette (in deep brick reds and browns), a smokey burgundy waterproof liner, a matte cream shadow and a glossy orange polish (as well as their traditional rich red Le Verins)- it’s been given a modern update spanning a rainbow of reds that I can’t wait to play with. Who said burgundy’s were just for Autumn anyway?


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