Pusheen Body Wash & Bag

You know Christmas is a-coming when all the fun stuff starts rolling in. This is from the seasonal gifting collection from M&S but I called it in as soon as I spotted it because .. Pusheen. What more can I tell you other than that there are several Pusheen products on the M&S 3 for 2 offer if you have Pusheen fans in your household – or are one yourself.


The actual body wash – not the main event obviously – is a shocking vanilla scent: you’d need to like that very cup-cakey type scent but to be honest, lots of people do! So, it might be to your taste but it’s a bit of a biscuit OD for me. Pusheen was on the gifting radar last year as well, pushing Hello Kitty to one side in popularity, and it looks like it’s the same this year.


As you can see, the bag (quite roomy and plenty sturdy) is a feast of unicorns, glitter, hearts and Pusheen! I love it when the fun stuff arrives – I see so much serious beauty that anything like this brings a smile to my day. You can find it HERE for £18 along with all the other Pusheen pretties.



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