Problems That Bloggers Experience At Events

Hello lovelies!

I am attending the event #BloggersFestival run by the fabulous Scarlett London. I am SUPER SUPER excited. There are so many wonderful bloggers attending, some I have already met and some I have yet to, (but CAN’T WAIT TO).

I think it will be the biggest blogging event I have ever attended, and I guess that can feel quite overwhelming, no matter how excited I am about the event, because I bloody am.

I always have a nasty little voice in the back of my mind. Whoever’s voice that is, it would appear that they really don’t like me. They particularly like to come out to play when I am feeling on edge and anxious. Attending blogging events reminds me of similar feelings that you have when you are starting a new school or something like that. Excitement with a mixture of butterflies at the same time.

The typical thoughts I have before an event include:

Will people like me? Will people think I am a bit weird? Will people think I look different in person? (in a bad way) Will people think I am as funny in person as I am on Twitter? 

With these points in mind, I thought I would construct a list of “Problems Bloggers Experience At Events” 

1) Spending 10 or 20 minutes coming up with that really witty response on Twitter… HAHA NO if you take 10 or 20 minutes to reply to someone at an event they are going to think you are WEIRD and have a problem.

2) 57 shots later and you have perfected that profile picture selfie, with your head tilted at your most complimenting angle. This would work brilliantly if you could walk around the event with your head at this angle, but sadly YOU CAN’T and they can see your entire faceyes, even your BAD SIDE. NOO.

3) Picking an Instagram filter to enhance your appearance… WHAT DO YOU MEAN PEOPLE WON’T SEE ME IN BLACK AND WHITE AT EVENTS!

4) Oooooooooo I recognise her! I know her twitter name… but not her actual name. AWKWARD.  

5) Or… worse when someone doesn’t know who you are AT ALL and you like stalk their blog and social media religiously five times a day.

6) People quickly learn why you are not a fashion blogger. (Unless you are one of course, and if you are, people quickly learn why you are one)

7) Oh god, people can actually SEE my resting bitch face, they are going to think I’m really nasty. 

8) You can’t use emoji’s in real life to express your emotions. Why aren’t tears coming out of their eyes when I ‘try’ to be funny?! Oh my god, I’m not funny… or they hate me 

9) Mmmmmm Pizzas! NOBODY take a slice until I have taken a picture of it for my Instagram! (said all 200 bloggers) Oh.. it’s a rather cold pizza now.

10) But at the end of the day you know that the people you meet at these events are all very much likeminded people and YOU CAN TAKE PHOTOS ALL DAY AND PEOPLE WON’T JUDGE! Even if you want to take 100 selfies.

It’s a weird feeling. On the internet you can show as much or as little of yourself as you wish. In most instances most of you only really know me as the floating head in my profile picture, since I rarely have body shots. My tweets can be cleverly crafted, as well as responses to people can have a lot of thought put into them.

BUT in person, they can LOOK AT YOU, directly in the eye. I am luckily really good at eye contact. I feel I am good at judging whether a person wants me to look them directly in the eye or not.

I guess I just need to remember that everyone attending the event is in pretty much the same situation! If you think about it, the whole process about meeting people that you have met on the internet is really quite an odd one.

Do any of you relate to anything in this post? Please do let me know in the comments if you are attending this event so that I can look out for you! Thank you for reading beauties, See some of you very soon! <3


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