Problems of being a young writer

Today I’ve written a post about my own struggles of writing articles and the thought behind them.

1. Barely any time to write

I think this a problem which is always been there for me as I’ve struggled with deadlines at college which had meant that my work gets graded at a pass instead of a grade that I want. I’ve always hated trying to stick to deadlines and that probably why I don’t write articles on time because I barely have time as I’m busy with college work and actually work.

2. Spelling

I have dyslexia which means that I can’t physically have great spelling and grammar but however, I’ve improved over the past couple of years. I’ve gone from not being able to spell anything to spelling as much as I know as I have to sometimes google spellings for a word that I’m trying to type.

I have improved a lot I would say as there was a time when I couldn’t spell the easiest words such as diversity, photosynthesis and a few other which I couldn’t spell since the age of 6.

3. Inspiration

I find inspiration hard as there are so many websites out that exactly like mine and I’ve always tried to put my spin on things such as the layout, presentation. It’s hard trying to stand out in this industry as there are so many big named websites like, and a few more which I know but I won’t mention them as I don’t want to advertise them.

As a young journalist ( blogger) I find it extremely hard to stand out just by the title name as so many websites pretty much do click bate (no names) and that’s not what I do as I find click bate annoying especially as they get money just from one click. As a  reader, I would just like the title to match and not read something which is irrelevant to the title.

4. Passion

For a website about motorsport, you definitely need passion in the sport as you need to know the basic of the sports and to actually support the sport as a whole. For my age, it’s common for phases as at first you might like the sport but the in a couple of months you might like something else like Gaming. In order to have a website about motorsport, you need to make sure that you have a passion for the sport and it’s not phases ( like some people again no names).

I have a passion for the sport as I’ve always watched since the age of 9 which is like 10 years of me now support the sport. I have to admit I know nothing about the actual cars like technical wise and engineering wise. I don’t know much about race tracks as I know that different tracks have different surfaces. I know a lot about drivers thanks to social media and that’s probably about it for me, knowledge wise.

5. Studying instead of writing

As I’m a student, I have to find time in my own time to write articles. I have to admit as I’ve previously mentioned that I find deadlines a struggle. I also find that if I missed a race report it’s because of college work as I’m working so hard on my work to ensure my future. I want to be in the world of computing as I’ve always felt that I’ve been great with computers which I am as I’m currently learning so many programming languages which is good to know especially for those high earning jobs.

As a student, we have other things to do like part-time jobs and mainly studying. After all, I am paying £5,900 for a course which I want to learn. College for me comes first before this website as it’s really important

Anyway, I hope that I have shown you my own struggles and that I hope you can understand why I don’t update regularly and why I don’t write on time. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and don’t forget to like my Facebook page.

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