Pietro Fittipaldi wins the first race of the 2017 season

Brazilian Lotus driver claims his first win in the first race of the new season at the Circuit of Silverstone with

thousands of spectators enjoying the first joint event with the FIA WEC.

Pietro Fittipaldi (Lotus) gets his first win of the 2017 World Series Formula V8 3.5 by leading race 1 from the pole at Silverstone. 

Damiano Fioravanti (Il Barone Rampante) ended up as the best rookie.

At the start of the race, Fittipaldi maintained the lead while Orudzhev and Matevos Isaakyan

(SMP Racing by AVF) passed René Binder (Lotus). In P5, Celis was followed by Fioravanti, Konstantin Tereschenko (Teo Martin Motorsport), Diego Menchaca (Fortec Motorsports), Nelson Mason (Teo Martin Motorsport), Yu Kanamaru (RP motorsport), Giuseppe Cipriani (Il Barone Rampante) and Roy Nissany (RP Motorsport).

The Israeli racer soon came back to the pit-lane and retired, while Menchaca also had to stop

following to an early contact with Tereschenko. Fighting with the Russian, his teammate Mason

went wide losing P8 to Kanamaru. In the meantime, Celis got close to Binder for P4.

On lap 10, the Fittipaldi’s advantage on Orudzhev went down to 5.5 seconds, with Binder

fending off the attacks of Celis. Mason rebounded at the last chicane on lap 2, reclaiming eight

place from Kanamaru. On lap 15, Celis passed Binder for P4 on the inside of Woodcote, while

Fittipaldi continued to lose ground on Orudzhev.

On lap 16, Celis caught up with Isaakyan and fought for podium after setting the fastest lap,

while Mason passed Tereschenko for seventh place. On lap 26 the battle between the Mexican

and the Russian, who ended up wide and eventually let the final podium position slip from him.

At the end of the race the car of Orudzhev was disqualified by the stewards for breaching article 21 of Sporting Regulations, and article 4.2 of the Technical Regulations.

The team appealed the decision, so the results stand still, pending appeal.


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