MUA Prism Jelly Highlighter

This week , I’ve had a request to review the MUA Prism Jelly Highlighter – it’s not a brand that I know very well at all but we aim to please! So here it is! It’s called a ‘jelly’ because of the texture of the highlighters – they’re creme formulas but with a bit of bounce to them – so if you stuck your thumb in them they’d feel almost spongy.


There’s a white shade, a champagne shade and a golden shade – they’re not highly pigmented so it’s a nuanced colour effect once on the skin. However, what these highlighters lack in pigment they make up for in sparkle. I didn’t realise when I blended the white shade over my cheek JUST how twinkly it is! It takes certain lights to show this up – you can see in the swatch that there is a glow and sheen element but what you can’t see is the twinkles. It was only when I sat back at my laptop with the sun streaming into the room that I caught my reflection and wow! It’s the same kind of minute twinkles that you tend to get in more premium highlighters – budget brands can be a bit clunky in this respect. If sparkle is what you’re after, you’ll certainly get it here! It’s £5.




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