Hey guys, sorry that this is way overdue, I’ve been busy with school work. So here are the last rounds of the Formula E 2015/2016.


  1. Nicolas ProstFRA Renault e.Dams ZE.15 33 laps 
    2. Bruno Senna BRZ Mahindra M2ELECTRO +5.244s 
    3. Jean-Eric Vergne FRA DS Virgin DSV-01 +8.195s 
    4. Lucas di Grassi BRZ ABT Schaeffler Audi FE01 +8.914s
    5. Sebastien Buemi SUI Renault e.Dams ZE.15 +10.052s
    6. Antonio Felix da Costa POR Gulf Team Aguri SRT01-e +10.908s
    7. Sam Bird GBR DS Virgin DSV-01 +10.986s
    8. Jerome d’Ambrosio BEL Dragon Venturi VM-200-F1-01 +12.106s 
    9. Mike Conway GBR Venturi VM200-F1-01 +12.456s 
    10. Stephane Sarrazin FRA Venturi VM200-FE-01 +15.918s
  2. Ma Qing HuaCHN Gulf Team Aguri SRT01-e +38.400s
    12. Nelson Piquet Jr BRZ NEXTEV TCR FE 001 +52.028s 
    13. Nick Heidfeld GER Mahindra M2ELECTRO +11.264s 
    14. Simona de Silvestro SUI Andretti SRT01-e +13.079s

Not classified

  1. Oliver TurveyGBR NEXTEV TCR FE 001 +3 laps 
    16. Loic Duval FRA Dragon Venturi VM-200-F1-01 +10 laps 
    17. Robin Frijns NED Andretti SRT01-e +14 laps 
    18. Daniel Abt GER ABT Schaeffler Audi FE01 +14 laps

Round up 

Nicolas Prost had an easy race and dominate the whole race to take his first victory of the season. Bruno Senna finished second as Jean-Eric Vergne finished third. Di Grassi finished in front of Buemi and increased the gap to three points.

At the Start the e.Dams driver,  Nico Prost maintained the first place in front of Mahindra’s Bruno Senna, NEXTEV’S Oliver Turvey and Andretti’s Robin Frijns. Championship leader,Lucas Di Grassi went from tenth to ninth and Sébastien Buemi went from thirteen position to eleventh which shows that they are capable of coming on top in races.

Then on lap 3, Sebastian Buemi overtook Loic Duval for 10th place and closed in on Lucas di Grassi who immediately reacted overtaking Nick Heidfeld for eight position. But yet again,Sebastian Buemi followed the Brazilian overtaking the Mahindra.

One lap later, Daniel Abt let Lucas Di Grassi took the seventh position which drew a few views that suggested that the team told Daniel to let Lucas through whne he didn’t want to he wanted to fight. . Next driver to overtake was Sam Bird on sixth position but it wasn’t an easy one.

But on lap 12, Lucas Di Grassi overtook Bird for sixth position as Sebastian Buemi got nervous behind Daniel Abt, who overtook Sam BirdSebastain Buemi immediate did the same and finally overtook the German on lap 16.

On lap 17 the car change started with Senna, Oliver Turvey and Sam Bird been the first to make his stop. One lap later stopped the drivers who didn’t stop.

With the car change, we saw Robin Frijns lost the fourth position with Vergne dropping to seventh when the rain started to drop.

The safety car leaved the track with 9 laps remaining. Nico Prost was leading the way in front ofBruno Senna, Oliver Turvey, Vergne, Lucas Di Grassi, Sebastian Buemi and Antonio Felix Da Costa who thanks to his energy saving driving made up to seventh after start on 14th.

The focus of the race was for fourth position. Jean-Eric Vergne, as usual was very defensive and didn’t let any space to Lucas Di Grassi who damage the front wing and almost lose the position with Sebastain Buemi.

The race was coming to the end and Oliver Turvey lost a great opportunity for NEXTEV TCR team to finish in podium positions. The McLaren reserve driver crashes into the wall and on that moment, Sam Bird overtook Sebastian Buemi for fifth position under yellow flags.

But sadly, Sam Bird lost the position due to no energy power at the checkered flag.

So Nicolas Prost is got his second Formula E win, his first this season. Bruno Senna finished second –his best result. Jean-Eric Vergne was third, in front of Lucas Di Grassi –who set the fastest lap. Sebastian Buemi was fifth and Antonio Felix Da Costa sixth. Completes the top 10 Sam Bird on seventh, Heidfeld on eight, Jerome D’Ambrosio on ninth and Mike Conway on tent place.

With one race to go, Lucas Di Grassi is leading the way by 3 points over Sebastian  Buemi. With  Nicolas Prost is up to third place with two points more than Sam Bird.


This is the last round of the 2015/2016 Formula E at Battersea Park.

  1. Nicolas ProstFRA Renault e.Dams ZE.15 33 laps 
    2. Daniel Abt GER ABT Schaeffler Audi FE01 +7.633s 
    3. Jerome d’Ambrosio BEL Dragon Venturi VM-200-F1-01 +22.524s 
    4. Loic Duval FRA Dragon Venturi VM-200-F1-01 +23.290s 
    5. Stephane Sarrazin FRA Venturi VM200-FE-01 +24.984s 
    6. Bruno Senna BRZ Mahindra M2ELECTRO +27.174s 
    7. Jean-Eric Vergne FRA DS Virgin DSV-01 +1m 07.002s 
    8. Nick Heidfeld GER Mahindra M2ELECTRO +1m 07.544s 
    9. Antonio Felix da Costa POR Gulf Team Aguri SRT01-e +1m 08.324s
    10. Nelson Piquet Jr BRZ NEXTEV TCR FE 001 +1m 14.270s
  2. Oliver TurveyGBR NEXTEV TCR FE 001 +1m 22.216s 
    12. Ma Qing Hua CHN Gulf Team Aguri SRT01-e +1 lap
    13. Mike Conway GBR Venturi VM200-F1-01 +1 lap

Not classified

Lucas di Grassi BRZ ABT Schaeffler Audi FE01 +15 laps
Sebastien Buemi SUI Renault e.Dams ZE.15 +17 laps
Robin Frijns NED Andretti SRT01-e +22 laps 
Simona de Silvestro SUI Andretti SRT01-e +24 laps 
Sam Bird GBR DS Virgin DSV-01 +27 laps

Final Round up of the 2015/2016 FIA Formula E season!

Sébastien Buemi is the new FIA Formula E champion.! That’s right, the Swiss driver suffered a lot and had to take the championship thanks to fastest lap ( 3 more points). Meanwhile, Nico Prost won the race in front of Daniel Abt and Jerome d’Ambrossio.

The final race, the grand finale of Season 2 (2015-2016) at Battersea Park in London. Two championship contenders, Lucas Di Grassi and Sébastien Buemi started the race equally in points and with Sebastian Buemi starting from pole position as Lucas Di Grassi started third.

Lucas Di Grassi had an incredible start but he crashed with Sebastian Buemi at turn 2. The Renault e.dams driver break so soon which was impossible to avoid for the Audi driver who crashed with his championship rival.

Meanwhile,  Nico Prost  took the lead in front of Nick Heidfeld  and Daniel Abt. Sam Bird  went from sixth to fourth after overtake Jean-Eric Vergne and Oliver Turvey(after the safety car period. Then Jean-EriVergne overtook Oliver Turvey for fifth.


With 10 laps to go, Nico Prost led in front of Daniel Abt, Jean-Eric Vergne, Nick Heidfeld, Antonio Felix Da Costa, Oliver Turvey, Jerome D’Ambrosio, Loic Duval, Nelson Piquet and Bruno Senna. In those laps, the cars of NEXTEV TCR lost the pace and the point’s positions.

Daniel Abt and Jean-Eric Vergne completes the podium apparently. But then stewards reported that Jean-Eric Vergne, Nick Heidfeld and Antonio Felix Da Costa finished without power which means that they received a penalty for that.

So is Jerome D’ambrosio who finally finished in the podium. Loic Duval was fourth, Sarrazinfifth, Bruno Senna sixth,  Jean-Eric Vergne seventh, Nick  Heidfeld eight, Antonio Felix Da Costa ninth and Nelson  Piquet tenth.

Sam Bird finished fourth in front of Jérome d’Ambrosio, Stefan Sarrazin, Daniel Abt, Duval, Jean-Eric Vergne and Bruno Senna completing the top 10.

That was a great way to end a brilliant season!


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