Living with Trichotillomania

I’m back after so long as I decided to take a short break from social media which has taught me so many things like don’t rely on filters on snapchat to make you look good as you already look good.  Caution! There might be a few spelling mistakes as I’m dyslexic.

To kick-start this new side of the website, I have deiced to talk about this problem which I have had for 6 years now which is Trichotillomania which is defined as ” when someone can’t resist the urge to pull out their hair. They may pull out the hair on their head or in other places, such as their eyebrows or eyelashes.” – Source

I have this disorder as I’ve been pulling my hair for years now which lead through stages of having no hair as I’ve pulled it all out. At the moment I have the left side of my hair which is all gone and the rest is still there. The problem now is that my pulling has lead to the middle of my hair which makes it hard to hide the patches.

One day, I would like to have a full set of hair as I want to dye my hair dark purple as since the age of 14 I’ve wanted to dye my hair purple but couldn’t due to the lack of hair.  In April this year when I had a full set of hair I dyed it ginger which the post about that can be found at  which is soon being moved to here. In the next couple of days.

From my experience so far of trichotillomania is that it’s hard to hide patches which can get bigger by the more you pull your hair out. I’ve found that my friendship base has changed as I’ve found out that the people you might hang out with or talk to you might just disappear from you as they don’t want to be seen with someone who has no hair and pulls their hair out but it’s also shown me who are the true people who don’t give a damn about your appearance and like you for who you are as a person.

I’ve had problems with my hair pulling which have to lead me down the road of depression as I’ve been depressed for so long as I felt that I wasn’t pretty enough to be friends with or to be in a relationship with. I’ve had one time when I’ve been in hospital due to a blockage of hair in my digestive system which managed to unblock its self.

I have to thank my current friends and my boyfriend for understanding me for who I am as I’m more happier now as my mood has changed. My boyfriend has taught me that it’s okay to be yourself and it’s okay be sad as when I was younger I hated being sad and I hated crying.

This year, I’ve been trying wigs on as I wanted to see what I would be like if I had long hair. I found out that I didn’t like it as it’s a lot of maintence to brush and style and I felt that short hair was best. I’ve tried many colours like pink, purple, black and so many more.

Overall, one day I’ll get better and it will take a very long time to get better as I want to grow my hair out long and I want to look beautiful for my boyfriend as I love him so much that he’s helping me through this and he means the world to me.

If you haven’t already seen my two videos about trichotillomania here they are. Video 1 Video 2

Thank you for reading this xx

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