9th January – 15th January 2017

Monday 9th January

It’s seven am and it’s a school day. Ugh, i don’t like waking up at seven. I get changed and head downstairs.

After breakfast, I head out to the bus. After a long wait the bus arrives. I pay £16 a week to go to school.

As we arrive at school, it rains.I hate the rain so much as it ruins my make-up. It always rains in England.

Anyway, now at school and my friend isn’t in yet. It was  quiet as everyone  had their headphones in or playing a game. I just sat there writing a chapter for a new story which was a Shadowhunter story.

It was second lesson. I had a free. I was left with the strange people in our group. I started working on some coursework.

It was break, food time. I love break as you can buy pizza, baguettes and paninis. I usually chose a baguette as I chose a healthy option.

After break, it was media production. Time for the business side. We were working on a revision source. I also worked on my questionnaire which I need twenty responses  for it for accuracy.

After the lesson, it was home time. I got the 12:48 bus back home. When I got home. I had a cup of tea. Then I told my mum how my day was.

Tuesday 10th January

It’s Tuesday which means I have hospitality first lesson. I kinda hate Tuesdays as last year I had  double business first which was okay. I did enjoy business as we had fun and we learned about how to apply to jobs.

Off to hospitality late again. I walk in late and my teacher  ask why am I lay? I reply “I don’t want to be here, so I turn up at anytime I want”. I got sent out.

After hospitality. I went back to our area. I sat next to my best friend and ordered some stuff from Magicmadhouse which was Pokemon stuff. I also ordered a DS game from Amazon. For the whole hour I was chatting to my friends about Aphmau. We love Aphmau. I was looking at some Aphmau merc but sadly it was sold out. Would have been the perfect gift for my friend’s birthday.

After that I sat down and worked on some more of a chapter. Today I’ve written over two thousand words. I feel quite proud about it.

Then, it was Media Production. Today we were looking at different forms of art that artists do. My friend just played Pokemon showdown while I did the work.

After Media Prouction, It was home time. While I was waiting for the bus, I was hanging out with my friends or should I say squad as we call ourselves. I left for the bus and headed home.

When I got home, I could chill and sit down. I started to look for something to watch. There was nothing on TV, so I went on Amazon and Watched the rest of a show called The 100.

When my dad got home at five, we had our dinner. I guess dinner was alright as my mum isn’t a great chef but I’m use to her cooking.

Later on that night, we watched Silent Witness which was an interesting episode. I never thought the doctor did the murders.

After that, it was off to bed.

Wednesday 11th January

Wednesday which means work, yay! I enjoy Wednesdays as me and my friends go out for coffee every morning. It was so good!Today, we didn’t. We stayed in, My friend wasn’t in yet which meant that there was no coffee. I don’t like getting coffee on my own. I hate being lonely.

At break, It was work. There was a few annoying kids but I didn’t mind it. I only have two lessons today which is great as it’s not a long day.

When it cam to twelve, I had hospitality. I’m currently  behind as I’m finding it hard to concentrate.

At lunch, I was working again. this time I was on my own. It was so quiet as I had no one to talk to or laugh with when we make mistakes.

After lunch, I had Media Production. More drawing again, my classmate did nothing. I kept shutting his computer down.

When the bell went, it was home time. I got on the bus with the noisy children. When it came to my stop I got off. I walked home and I headed to my room and watched TV for the rest of the night.

Thursday 12th January

Today, I have counselling  which I do for reasons. It was a tough session as I opened up more about my online abuse.

After counselling, I picked up my prescription and walked home. When I got home, I put my stuff in the kitchen then headed out to the bus stop to catch the bus.

When I arrived at school, I went to the exam office to collect my GCSE Maths result. Sadly, I failed.  I can’t pass maths as maths isn’t my favorite subject.

At break, I had to get my new lanyard which we have to wear for safeguarding. It’s orange like the sun. I hate orange.

After break,  we were complaining about the colour of the lanyards. I went to town with some friends and got some Tanya Burr eye shadow.

After that, it was a study period as I had to do some work. I did some A-level work.

After my study period, it was lunch which meant I was working. my friend accidentally shut the till down at the wrong time. I got questioned about my lanyard as some students were confused about it.

Lastly, I had hospitality. I was working on my checklist for my practical.

Friday 13th January

Last night, it SNOWED! My school was still open. It was so cold and when I was on the bus it was freezing.

When I arrived at school. My friends were talking about how dangerous the snow is. They called me Elsa for the whole day as my last name is a weather.

The first two lessons were chilled  as we didn’t do much. I still had to A-level work but not as much as we usually do.

At break, me and my squad of three headed to town to Argos. I went to Cafe Nero and grabbed a latte while waiting for the bus.

When I got home. I asked my mum for a tea and she said yes. She told me to watch the kids.

For the rest of the evening . I watched Frozen and a few youtube videos.

Saturday 14th January

I’m nervous today as I’m seeing the police about something. I can’t go into detail.

Me and my dad started watching  The Man In The High Castle. It’s about America if the Germans won the world war. The Germans wanted the east coast and the Japanese wanted the west coast.

For lunch it was beans and toast. The usual as I call it. My brother was too busy playing on his kindle fire.

After lunch, I carried  the kids to bed. My brother went to my room to watch a movie. Me and my dad  watched the rest of The Man In The High Castle

Sunday 15th January

Today, I’m feeling happy. I just want to hind in my room.

In the morning, I watched Zoella, Aphmau, DanTDM and Jacksepticeye. All of my favourite youtubers. I also watched some tutorials for Skindix.

My dad called me downstairs and I headed downstairs. He wanted me to watch The Man In The High Castle with him.

After lunch, the kids had a nap and we carried on watching it. We finished season one.


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