2nd January 2017 – 8th January 2017

Monday 2nd January

Today, it’s sunny even though its 3 degrees outside. I’ve  been shopping, again. I know it’s a habit of mine. I like shopping. I brought a canvas of Star Wars covers.

I was going to go bowling with the family but sadly everything was booked up. So, we went shopping in Victoria Place. I walked into Claire’s to find out that it was £35-£60 to get my ears pierced.

Tuesday 3rd January

It’s seven in the morning and it’s my first day back at school. I get up and get changed into something that I would normally wear.I wear some make-up. I chose light colours to make me have a natural look. I hate wearing blue eye shadow.

I’m at school now and my friends are talking about what they go up to in the holidays. Some of my friends were playing the new Pokemon game. I haven’t got the game yet.

I had Hospitality first which was boring as we talked about our new assessment and our practical  assessment.

Later on, I had Media Production. I had to continue with my perspective drawing in my portfolio. I was drawing the Eiffel Tower.Which I visited in 2012. I loved Paris as it was really classy.

I also forgot to say. I brought this website which is a HUGE moment in my life.

Wednesday 4th January

Today we had an assembly. Our assembly was about lanyards and prom. The main of of the assembly is to try to get good grades by doing the effort to revise.

Later on after assembly. I went to town with my friends. I brought a DC comic, Pokemon cards and a Latte.

When we got back. I went to work at the school canteen. It’s fun as I get to interact with people.

After lunch, it was Media Production. I got a new timetable as a few lessons have changed.

Thursday 5th January

It’s Thursday which means staying on school till  four . Ugh, I hate sixth period. It’s boring as it’s English.

I had work today with my bestie which was so fun as we just chatted for ages while working.

I deiced to get my friend to design my logo as I wanted a bold look for my website. As I was working, she started to draw it. I can’t wait to see it.

Friday 6th January

It’s my friends’s birthday. The one doing my logo. OMG! My logo is AMAZING! I LOVE IT!

I have to get her a good present. As a group we brought her a card. I brought her some chocolate which isn’t Nestle as she doesn’t like Nestle.

I had to cover a shift  today as the person who would have done it was ill. I guess it was fun as we finished early today.

At the end of the day. I wrote a post for a website. Then I went straight home on the earlier bus.

Saturday 7th January

Today, we haven’t done much. We went shopping. Came back home and watched TV.

I made lunch for a change as normally  my dad would make lunch which  was beans and toast or soup. I made a soup which had a lot of vegetables as it’s healthy for you. I should know that as I took Food Tech for a GCSE. We learned about healthy eating with Carbohydrates,  Vitamins, Calcium, Minerals etc.

The rest of the day it was just relaxing as the week has been  hard for me.

Sunday 8th January

Ugh, Sunday. The last/first day of the week. I have media production tomorrow. We have two teachers, we are learning business in gaming and drawing. I find the business part boring as it’s all theory for our exam.

I haven’t got a clue what to do today. I guess I could catch up on some Aphmau or some DanTDM. Nah, I’ll do BOTH! Both of these channels give me ideas about a series that I’m working on with a friend. We have our own Minecraft server. I’ve got a rough idea of a story line. I know it will take a while to build the set. As there will be a castle. I also need to help with the script as we are also the voice actors. This series might take a while to produce  as it involves the whole group.

I started to pack my bags for school. The best part of being in Sixth form is that you don’t nee dto carry much book which means my bag is very light.










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