Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes




This is the first of three new palettes from Barry M. I will say straight away that you’re not getting exceptional quality with these – I found, during swatching, that the quality is variable. But, crucially, they’re are workable and fairly easily so. Some of the matte colours (the paler ones mainly) are rather dry and powdery but the brighter colours and shimmery textures were fine without being the gorgeous, buttery textures of say, By Terry. I’m rather in favour of these (and making them work) because at £9.99 or £6.49 a palette, they’re affordable and I’m still slightly shocked at the £56 cardboard Huda!



Despite containing two Duochrome shades, Meteor Storm is my least favourite of the three – not least because it’s got random lemony yellow that I haven’t got a clue how to incorporate.


The duochromes are the first shade and the second to last and while they’re not the highest pigmented I’ve seen, there is definitely some shade shifting. I think this swatch picture is a good example of the mixed quality – some shades are very pigmented and smooth, others you have to work a bit harder at.


Next up, Crown Jewels.


This is my favourite – there is some great colour depth but bizarrely, the disappointment is that turquoise blue that is poorly pigmented and I had to go over it twice. The black shade with silvery sparkles isn’t great either.


But, the entire top row is brilliant! This is definitely worth £6.49 of anyone’s money. It’s HERE.

Finally, we have the Fall In Love palette




Fall in Love is all matte – and I think a very good addition to a colour line up if you haven’t dipped into the sunset trend yet. You can easily do the heat fuelled, burning sky eye look with this and it’s also £6.49.



The colour quality, with the exception of the first shade and the last shade, is fairly consistent throughout. This palette, and Meteor Storm are both available at Boots HERE, but Crown Jewels isn’t – it’s available at Superdrug (above).


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