The clock is ticking and the winter test in Barcelona is about to happen days from now but, On 15 Feb at 11:45 CET  at Ferrari’s factory in Maranello, Italy. There was an event that takes the breath away, the moment that we all  have been waiting for, The livery Unveil of Scudria Ferrari 2019 car SF90.

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The passed season did not end in a way that Ferrari team or fans like, So the team had to do some changes to the car that ensure innovation and passion. And on the livery unveil day Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said: “We begin a new exciting chapter in our history, led by Mattia Binotto. Then he added “Mattia has been with Ferrari for about a quarter of a century. His stellar career over that period is clear testament to his exceptional abilities and leadership skills.


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Talking about the new car, Binotto said: “Starting in 2018, we got really good achievements and it’s a development of last year’s car, it’s not a revolution.

Then he added : “There are a few changes that are straightforward, like the front wing that is for the technical regulations that have changed since last time.But if you look at it in all the details, certainly we try to push very hard, being innovative. The roll hoop is very narrow and very slim.

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The moment has come, As all the audience were tuned the SF90 challenger showed up from underneath the stage in a spectacular and absolutely amazing way. In the Presence of Sebastian Vettel the four time world champion and the high- rated Charles Leclerc, the current drivers for Scudria Ferrari.

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Although 2019 SF90 challenger was a development and evolution of the last year’s car SF71H, Binotto says a lot of work has gone into aggressive design concepts. At the end of the event the message that Ferrari team sent was that they are on fire and ready enough for the coming season which is going to be a remarkable one , very challenging, fruitful and amusing to watch.

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