The new RB15 has been releases as the current livery is the testing livery as RedBull always seem to do this for competition reason, I guess.

We’ve seen in the past RedBull release first pictures of the cars as test livery as they don’t want their competition to steal the idea of the car. It’s a smart idea like they did in 2015 with the Zebra looking livery and they also did the same thing in 2018 as it gives the optimal illusion about the cars about where the air ducts are ( not a mechanic or anything as I’m just a computing student).


Anyway, moving on to the release of the new car. The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15 which the official livery is current questionable as we’ve seen in the past the generic RedBull cars. As seen below which is the 2018 car and 2017 car. The cars have usually have the colours Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and bits of white sporting on their cars.


As a long time fan of the team, I would’ve liked them to keep the test livery as the main livery as it’s awesome and I like the designs but that’s my opinion.

We should hopefully see the new livery of the car soon, hopefully after testing. Feel free to give us your opinion on the car by tweeting us on Twitter.

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