Today, I wanted to talk about all my favorite games which I play/ played. I wanted to share my top 5 games. DISCLAIMER: I have dyslexia which means some of my writing might not be in great grammar or spelled properly.

1: All of the Sims games


I’ve played from The Sims right up to The Sims 4. I’ve always played Sims because I’ve always enjoyed making Sims ( Players) and see what type of lives they can have as outcomes.

The first game I played of Sims was Sims 2 Pets which I had on my Pink Nintendo DS Lite which was a fun game as you had to look after poorly cats and dogs which needed medical treatment such as flea treatment, broken bones and many more. Here’s a link to where you can still get this game which is currently at £24 for a new copy of the game which is on Amazon.

This is why I’m currently doing a Sims 4 series on my Youtube channel as I wanted to share my knowledge on the game and to show a game which I really love playing.  Here’s a link to one of my videos as I’m hoping to a lot more videos on Sims 4 as well as a possibly a review of new game packs, stuff packs, and expansion packs. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube.


2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


This was one of the many games I had on PlayStation 2 which I still play but this time I have a PC version as the game is available on Steam. I know so many people who play this game and even my boyfriend plays this games.

I always loved the part when I could use cheats on the game as I would set my game to Beach Party which would turn all the characters into Beachwear. The most common cheat I used was for the Tank in the game as I would use it to knock down pedestrians and the police.

I would do videos on the game, however, my pc doesn’t allow my recording software to record the game a sit just crashes the game.


3. Destiny 2


This is probably one of the more newish games that I play. I started playing this game as people around me started playing this game. This game is definitely different from what I usually play as I don’t usually play first-person shooting games.

This is the first game I’ve played using as it’s the first game I’ve spent more time playing on my PC as well as talking to other paying about missions. I have watched various videos on how to complete missions and how to get better gear in the game.

Would I do videos on this game? One day if my PC could record without crashing the game which ends up with restarting my whole PC. The best place to get the game for PC is at

4. Minecraft


I know, this game is more for younger people/player but I still find myself playing this blocky game. I still play on the top Minecraft servers such as Hypixel, Skycade, and UHC. I did take part in a few other servers such as the Realm of Fluff by the amazing Beckyis0bel, if you haven’t already check out her channel here is the link. Another person in which I’ve played on there with who is a good supporter and friend, Taz Dog who’s a channel is now known as OliCantSmell.

I used to have a Minecraft server which has been recently closed down as I didn’t have the time for it anymore. I used spends lots of time building the buildings and setting up activities but I stopped as I became busy in my life with College, my boyfriend and working in my job which I’m no longer employed.

The one thing I can say is that my little brother plays Minecraft now as he’s better at building than me and he spends hours playing it and always asks me to play it on my iPad.

I have a few screenshots of my work.




5. Overwatch


This is one of the trends at the moment which is battle royales games. I’ve spent so far a few hours playing this game with a friend, Cole or as people know him from Youtube Colee who was helped me so far with the basics of the game even if we did 1vs1 which I died mostly.

Overwatch seems to be increasing more of my time now I’m trying to level up as well as play games and defeat other players. I know there are memes going such as the song ‘No Mercy’ By the Living Tombstone.

I know I’m a new player to this game but I am improving then I was before I started playing the game. I have to thank Cole for that. The best place to get this game is



Overall, I know I don’t seem the type of person to play games but it’s how I started in computing as I wanted to start creating my own game. If anyone has suggestions for games to play ( except Fornite) then I will try them out.

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