It all started last year when I started this website, I knew that there would be some sort of criticism and well, It happened. The website was under threat of plagiarism which I knew was bad but was only done due to keeping up with the competitors in this industry. As a young person who as a part-time job as a well as a degree to do, I barely have time in the evenings to write race reports fully.

Plagiarism is wrong as I know that at university level there is the threat of being kicked out due to discredited work. I must admit that I work extremely hard on my university work and the work that I do on this website does not get credited as people don’t care about it. I spent over £250 on this website which is annoying for me as I expect the website to grow. As a young blogger I expected some form of support and well, I got none as people are too stubborn to actually help someone who has dyslexia. We’re all human and everyone should respect people’s differences.

I admit I can’t spell, write or read but however I am learning to improve on the skills which for me is a big step as I want to be able to do this types of things. I’ve always struggled with these types of skills but it doesn’t stop me from being who I am.

My main problem was that I felt left out of this community as no one knew who I was or even actually noticed me. I had no friends in this community than I have more friends in the gaming community which I feel more welcomed.  I was being bullied in this community as well as I was groomed online by someone who I fought loved me but they never did and used me.

All I’m saying is that I felt that it was about time that I left the motorsport community and industry.

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