Now, not a lot of you know this but I’m currently studying computing which has always been my best subject and I’m glad to be doing it at University level. To start of this article I wanted to talk about my own experience so far about being a girl studying an subject which is male dominated.

Firstly, as being a women in IT, there is a lot of competition for jobs which are very male dominated such as Java Programmer, Systems analysis. I must admit these jobs are very well paid but there is a general stereotype that all people in IT are Male and that they have no life other than computers. That stereotype is wrong as there are a lot of women who have done so much in It such as Grace Hooper who created the programming language COBOL which isn’t used much these days.

It’s a completely different story in Motorsport as we haven’t yet had a female F1 driver but instead we’ve had female test drivers and reserve drivers in F1. There is a known as Dare To Be Different who help women get connections in Motorsport as well as chances to take part in experiences with teams.

Dare to be Different, which was founded by former racing driver Susie Wolff and the CEO of the Motor Sports Rob Jones in 2016. Dare to be Different do hold events across the UK and they are now becoming more popular in Europe as some events have been held there such as in Germany.

There’s is a FIA Body which are called Women in Motorsport which was founded in 2009 at the Wolrd Motor Sport Council of the FIA and this was voted under the presidency of Jean Todt.

There missions are to:

To create a sports culture which facilitates and values the full participation of women in all aspects of motorsport.

To set in place strategies and policies to promote the education and training of women in motorsport.

To work with the FIA’s sporting and non-sporting commissions, ASNs and other key international Federations on joint sporting projects.

To implement actions and events to allow the sharing of experiences and reflect on how to strengthen the participation of women (as drivers, officials and managers) in motorsport.

To collaborate with other organisations on joint projects for women and sport.To take an active role in international forums and conferences devoted to the place of women in sport, and in the advances that can be made.

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