In the recent event, I have decided to resign as CEO of this website. I started this website as my hobby and now it had always been a part of my life. This website is mainly a part of my life as I’ve invested a lot of money and paid a lot for this website to be published online. This decision was hard for me and it’s a shame that I have to go.

I’ve had a lot of support from close friends and family over the decision I have made. I would like to thank a few people personally for helping me stay mentally fit as last year I took a short break over some tragic events that happened at the end of 2016.  It was a time where I become seriously depressed and I was started to think about ending my life.

When this website turned a year old, I was surprised as I couldn’t believe how much this website had grown. I had a bit of confidence and I felt that I was finally a part of the Motorsport community.

Goodbye, to my readers.

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