While everyone else is pumping out matte lip products, Benefit has gone the other way and given us gloss. Actually,  a reader contacted me on Facebook to say how great she thought they are so it spurred me on to do a review.


Despite the fact that the packaging makes it look like Punch Pop will over deliver on colour, in fact, it’s quite gently pigmented so you get a healthy wash of colour rather than a full-on cover – always a bit of a liability in a gloss, anyway as it’s prone to wander more than lipstick. I’m completely a gloss lover – it always feels to me more comfortable than lipstick and freer somehow AND the light reflective nature of it is flattering on everyone – any age. I proudly converted a friend’s 70 year old mum to pink Bobbi Brown gloss and she hasn’t worn anything else since because it looks so lovely on her.


So, I have three shades to show you – from left to right: Strawberry, Mango and Bubblegum. And they don’t carry the scents of their names, in fact I can’t smell anything much, not even that soapy vanilla scent that seeps into almost all gloss.




In the swatch, it’s Bubblegum, Mango, Strawberry with Bubblegum being the keeper for me. You can probably tell from the packaging that the glosses are inspired by old style bubble gum wrapping. Bubblegum is a very easy wear, suit all day to day shade. When it comes to texture, they’re not a ‘weightless’ formula but neither are they sticky – in fact they feel quite balmy to me and contain Vitamin E. They’re better in terms of comfort than your average gloss and cost £15.50 each HERE.

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