Don’t judge me okay, but I’ve already started getting in the festive mood. I know, it’s only just turned autumn and I am enjoying the odd spiced hot chocolate, but I’m just soooooo ready for full on autumn and dare I say it, CHRISTMAS, that I’m already stocking up on all things spice.

Aside from spiced liquids, I’ve really got back into bath season aka where I throw literally everything into the water and try to stay in for longer than 15 minutes and run the water too hot so I nearly pass out and then have the best sleep ever – it’s the best. And what does bath season bring? SEASONAL LUSH PRODUCTS, and because I’m impatient I ordered a few bits online before they came out in store, and there are some absolute festive delights this year that you should go hunting down asap!

If you want to wake up and smell like Michael Buble in a Christmas Pudding on a snowy morning after a hot chocolate wrapped in Santa’s sack, then you need Santa’s Christmas, which is honestly like washing yourself in everything Christmas. It has a bit of an old school cola edge to it, but every morning it makes me feel warm, cosy, and eager to crack out the festive jumpers. Note of caution, it will dye anything you touch red if you’ve not washed it off properly, and it does create a scary scene after washing aka red all over the place. Worth it for the festive vibes though 😉

Another fave is Ceridwen’s Cauldron, a solid bath oil wrapped in muslin which you simply drop in the bath to melt and then use the muslin to wash and moisturise your body after. It doesn’t smell strongly of anything despite notes of sandalwood and rose, which makes it great if you’ve got a cocktail of products going on, but your skin will feel gloriously soft and smooth afterwards. I will say that putting the product in whole feels like a lot in one go, so if you can half it it makes it cost effective and last longer, meaning more silky soft baths to get you through that winter dry patch.

Speaking of moisturising products, I picked up a Butterball purely because I’m so lazy at moisturising that I’ll do anything to combine it with washing and be able to get into my clothes quicker. It’s a classic, it makes your skin soft, smells like vanilla cocoa, and is perfect for one of those cocktail baths I was talking about – the more bath products the better!

Sadly Fizzbanger and Frozen have now been discontinued but I managed to snap one of each up before they said bye-bye; Fizzbanger I’m yet to use but it does smell of an autumnal morning – crisp leaves, apple pie, warm spices, it’s more fresh and warming rather than heavy and wintery which is great for a morning bath or if you just want another layer of cinnamon to soak in. Frozen is one of my faves, it’s blue, it smells divine and is really relaxing thanks to the mix of rose and neroli. One thing I will say is the glitter it leaves behind is a pain to clean from the tub, but it does make your skin sparkle so at least you can look and feel magical all day long 😉

Another new try this year was Metamorphosis, which looks all serious and ‘I’m going to stain you and your bath grey’ but on the inside is bright, fun, and smells divine! A mix of those usual strong warm scents of cinnamon, black pepper, and myrrh make you think this would be a heady and heavy mix, but it has uplifting notes which make this equally relaxing and equally festive too. I’ve only used half as it’s one big ball, but it’s a relaxing ball worth having.

Finally, some bubble bars! I didn’t get these at first, throwing the whole thing in thinking they’d great bubbles the same way the bath bombs fizz, but alas no and that was one sad bath. Now, I get how to use them and they’re such a fun way to have bubbles (who doesn’t love bubbles?) and inject more relaxing scents into bath-time; my current combo is A French Kiss when I want a good night’s sleep and full relax with lavender, and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds when I want to enjoy a long soak and documentary in the evening to unwind (without falling asleep) – the mix of frankincense and patchouli makes for one seriously chilled out bath, and the blue colouring makes it feel like you’re lying back on a lilo, floating in the ocean – a dreamy scenario I wish for daily.

All this talk of bath time has got me planning a seriously good soak for this evening, but hey, it’s Friday, and if you can’t take a 2 hour bath and catch up on some Netflix then when can you? Just the matter now of choosing which bath products to use…..


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