Hello SweetHearts

This post is going to explain a few things about why I won’t be writing as much on here and why I’m looking for more writers.

To start it all off I’m a busy person. Working as a waitress whilst learning Computer Science at uni. Honestly I’m genuinely tired everyday with the amount of work I have to do in a week. I have to study around 35-40 hours a week in order to get a good grade in my degree to carry on to my master degree at Greenwich University. Wish me luck for that stage.

So I just wanted to say that, due to the lack of hours it means I have to study more than writing on this website. This is a hard decision to make as I’ve had thoughts about closing it down.

The reason why I need new writers is to one, give this website a good name. Two, to give people experience in writing for a website as I’ve found out in the past it is hard to find a website to write for. I’ve have tried several but was never successful.

Until next time xxx

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