Yes, I know – I need more workout gear like I need a whole in the head, but as I mentioned to Mark the other day whilst I was filling an entire clothes airer up with lycra – I do actually wear a shedload of workout gear. In fact I reckon I spend at least 90% of my day in some kind of elasticated waistband. Most of my workout wardrobe gets used for its intended purpose, but then the really soft stuff (a.k.a the Lululemon Align Pants) get pulled on as loungewear, errand-wear or general ‘I’m on my period and feel like a big balloon’-wear. Lycra is such a beautiful thing.

The following few bits were purchased over the last month and seeing as I’ve had a few questions whenever they pop up on Snapchat or in videos I thought I’d give you a little talk through as I’ve had a chance now to put them to the test and spoiler: they were all very good purchases that I’d highly recommend…

Varley Brooks Sports Bra. Small boobed gals rejoice, for I have found a sports bra that actually gives cleavage to our fried egg chests. It’s really quite incredible. If this cut came in a bikini I’d be all over it. As with most of my sports bra collection it’s not the most ‘pinned down’ so it works best for low impact activities; but there’s no cutting in with the fabric and despite its enhancing properties I never feel like nip slip is on the cards.

Varley Kingman Leggings. Now these might not look like the most practical purchase ever, but they’re surprisingly comfortable and breathable. Varley have updated their legging range to all sit at belly-button height which is my preferred waistband option as I like how it sucks in my gut and the fabric is soft and buttery and most importantly, sweat absorbing. Yes they’re pricey, but they’re a statement piece that actually ticks all the right boxes. Plus, anything with mesh inserts makes me feel ‘down with the kids‘.

Sweaty Betty Shanti Padded Yoga Bra in Beetle Blue. I spotted this little number on Zanna in her snapchats and it looked so darn cool that it was about five seconds before I found myself on the Sweaty Betty website. It’s a strap-heavy bra for low-impact activities that does come with padding stuffed in the cups if you fancy some extra oomph. The straps are delicate and elasticated so it’s not particularly awkward to get on or remove and the colour is sopretty and doesn’t show sweat too badly (though perhaps it’s just because I get so sweaty that the whole things changes colour?)

Sweaty Betty Contour Workout Leggings in Explosion Print. How cool are these? Despite my mostly monochrome actual wardrobe, I quite enjoy a bit of pattern and print when it comes to getting sweaty and these are certainly loud. The fabric is so soft that I want to stroke my face with it and the fit is extremely forgiving although I do recommend sizing down with these. They’re a compression fit with a high waistband and so of course I’m gonna love ’em. I’m wearing them now as I’m procrastinating from showering after the gym and quite frankly I don’t want to take them off as they’re so comfortable. I think I’ve put it off for long enough…

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