why I chose to carry on basing my blog post off of WordPress rather than changing my blog to being self hosted and I have been really wanting to do this post because when I had to make that decision I tried to do as much research as possible but I felt it was a bit biased on the self-hosted side. Nothing really told me the secret pros of WordPress which I have now found out and the decision to move your blog to self-hosted is ~~ INCREDIBLY DAUNTING ~~ trust me. This might be very confusing if you don’t know what self-hosted means so in basic terms – you get ownership of your website and can change basically anything you want and add any plugins etc… and you pay a website to “host” your site.

Back in February I knew that my URL was running out. Previously I was using the free version of WordPress, however I had bought a theme and my own domain name (to get rid of the ‘.wordpress’ bit in the URL). But that was going to end soon and I was running out of storage on my blog because you only get 3GB of storage on the free version of WordPress. My photos were becoming better quality, and it was taking up more space.

I messaged a few bloggers who hadn’t recently made the move to being self-hosted and asked them questions about how long it would take and what company they used – basically I picked their brains about it because I was really anxious about it as my blog means so much to me. I TOTALLY recommend talking to other bloggers if you want to move because they will have first hand experience to give you guidance on.

BLAH BLAH BLAH… I will skip all the details about how nervous about it and I decided to stay with Worpress but just upgrade my account to a Premium WordPress account. There are several reasons as to why I did this and I truly believe that for me this was the best decision I could have made and I don’t regret it one bit.


At the time of when I had to make the decision, I was in the middle of mock exams and revising for my final exams and I had to make them a priority, whilst juggling my blog to make sure it was getting better at the same time. The idea of moving my blog to a self-hosted platform was stressing me out WAYYYYY TOO MUCH and I couldn’t deal with it on top of my exam stress. When I clicked the button to confirm I was subscribing to WordPress Premium I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders (No seriously I did…) as it gave me everything I wanted for my blog.


One amazing blogger I spoke to told me that it took her about a week to transition from WordPress to being self-hosted and that she got help and paid a company to do it for her. I had neither the time or the money to pay for another company to do it and I couldn’t afford to get rid of crucial revision time to move my blog. Plus I didn’t want to go a whole week not blogging because I wouldn’t want to be a let down!! The move is quite complicated with exporting and importing content and adding plugins etc… so I was like NAHHH.

<< MY THEME… >>

In November 2016, I bought the Rosalie theme from WordPress for £40 because I wanted my site to look more professional and chic. This is only natural of course, however when it came to the thought of moving my blog to it being self-hosted, I would have to of bought another theme (as your theme doesn’t get transferred) so that would be a waste of £40. Now I have a new theme Buttons 2 which I’m currently using.


If I am honest I liked what WordPress Premium had to offer. I could customize my site, have access to loads of themes, monetize my site and loads more and just press a simple button to add it to my site. None of the complicated coding or structure of a site. It was easy and not stressful whatsoever and gave me 10GB more data to play around with!


There are so many company’s out there that you can host your site on and I was constantly doing research on which was the best and most affordable one. There was pros and cons about all of them, but I didn’t know whether I could fully trust any of the cheaper ones but I couldn’t afford the more expensive ones.

HOWEVER….. Yes there is always an however… I paid £70 for my WordPress Premium subscription and that covers all the details and the domain name for a whole year. If I remember rightly, if I paid for my site to be self-hosted it would cost about £100 for two years. making the self hosted option £40 cheaper for the two years. However I felt more comfortable paying more knowing that I don’t have to have sleepless nights worrying about setting my blog up or possible loosing all my WordPress followers! Saying this I would have had to buy a new theme making it about £150 for self-hosting my site so really it might have turned out more expensive. OF COURSE it depends on who you go with, how much your theme costs but this is a rough estimate.

If you have been stuck on what to do then I hope this has helped you or given you another option to think about. It is good to look at it from both perspectives.

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