Being a student myself, I know how heartbreaking it is when you look at how much you have in your bank and you realise you only have £2 left! It has gotten to that point where my friends become surprised when I say I have actually got over £10. I am definitely a spender not a saver, but I am getting to a place in my life where I need to start putting back a little bit of money for university and a car etc… However I obviously need new clothes every now and then as well.

It is all well and good having a little scroll through ASOS and picking out a load of cute things but you look at the total of your basket and your like ‘HOW MUCH?!?’. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE ASOS but it can be a little pricey, depending on what you like and the item of clothing.

Being on a restricted budget nearly all the time, I have done a fair bit of research into places where you can get decent clothes CHEAP. And I am talking like max £40 for a lush leather jacket. Even that might seem expensive but noooooo worries because they do things A LOT cheaper too.

‘But surely if it’s cheap it won’t be very good quality?’ Well that’s where you are wrong because I have tried out these places and I can personally say that the clothing is not cheap or tacky looking. I HAVE YOUR BACK DON’T WORRY.


Top on my list has to be Boohoo. To put it simply Boohoo is a bit like ASOS but the prices are just scaled down and you don’t have any big brands like Adidas or Nike but then when you are on a budget who needs those? I actually ordered a white off-the-shoulder crop top and a pair of floral printed trousers which I am waiting for excitingly. I have never had a problem with Boohoo clothing in the terms of quality. The only times I have had to send things back is when I have ordered the wrong size because I got too hopeful that I could fit in a smaller size…. *SIGH* Boohoo are a company you must order from if you haven’t. Boohoo also ALWAYS has offers or discounts on whether that is 20% off your order or FREE next day delivery so thank you Boohoo for thinking of our banks.

I found this clothing site after they mentioned it on TV and I HAD to check it out because I was like ‘Surely the title name can’t be true’ but IT IS. Everything on their website, clothes, shoes, accessories and all are £5. There is a vast range of different styles on there and maybe if you want to spend a bit more, then there is a VIP sections full of designer items. I think this is best for shoes because finding cheap but trendy shoes can be super hard. With this site you defo can!

PrettyLittle Thing

I hadn’t seen this brand before Saffron Barker had mentioned the brand on her channel so I decided to check it out. I LOVE some of their stuff and I think they are really good at getting formal wear perfect! It is a little more expensive but it really depends on what you buy because you can get some GORGE tops for less than £10.

Miss Guided

Miss Guided is the most expensive place to shop from out of this list but I wanted to cover the more pricier side of ‘cheap’ too. However I wanted to throw this out their because loads of my friends also shop in Miss Guided and I am always really jel of what they get. Miss Guided do 20% off with student discount which is always good because it means you don’t have to stretch your pocket as far as you were going to!


I know there are a lot of people out there who can be a bit of a Primark snob and don’t worry I totally get you because I can be the same. But I feel like Primark comes in waves off good clothes, and when they are having a good period you can find some really lush pieces. I have a load of cute tees and a pink pinafore which I adore from Primark as they are just so good for their price. You can tell a difference in the quality of Primark clothes to higher end, however if you need just some plain tees then with primani you can’t go wrong.

If you are a student then considering things like a NUS card or using Unidays will get you extra discount on all your goodies!

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