Yup. This gal usually doesn’t like smoothies *shock* *gasp* *horror*. I’m not one for a green juice (much to my dads dismay), and up until late last year had never really tried a smoothie either. Perhaps I was scared into the amount of ingredients in one drink (says the girl who loves Sprite… ho ho ho)- but after doing a HIIT class (another shocker there) was presented with a ‘breakfast club’ inspired smoothie and fell in love. Maybe it was because it tasted like, well, breakfast (or a bircher bowl), but this smoothie was a bit of a game changer, so naturally- I gave it a go myself, and would like to think this could be the start of something beautiful…

You will need:
– 1 Banana (I like to pre freeze this)
– 7 Strawberries
– 100ml Almond Milk
– 40g Oats
– 1 tsp honey

1. If you have time- pre freeze that ‘nana! I tend to chop it up (I once made the rookie mistake of putting it in the freezer whole like a complete fool and realising I then couldn’t slice it), and then pop it in an ice cube tray overnight. This saves adding extra ice or liquids to the smoothie, but again, it’s not a problem if you’d rather do that!

2. Chop up your strawberries, and add all the ingredients together in a blender. This is quite a thick smoothie (as it’s a breakfast one- it’s meant to be super filling) but if you want to loosen the consistency, you can add in a few ice cubes or some more milk too.

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