I started getting into resistance training at the beginning of the year. Before that I was pretty into my yoga, despite being extremely inflexible and running – although I had to give that up due to shin splints, which still ache a little even now when I get on a treadmill (I ain’t mad about that, running was never my forte). I eased myself in with two sessions a week, three if I could fit it in and I pretty quickly, after the initial sessions where I could barely stand-up/sit-down for a couple of days, began to love it. It’s made me stronger, more toned and I love the fact that each session is a competition with yourself to improve on the last.

So here’s what my routine currently looks like: resistance training three times a week, one short and sweet cardio session of 30 minutes and then one or more Yin Yoga/stretching sessions. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months and I find that it works well for me; I can usually squeeze all this in and still get all my daily tasks done and I find that doing at least somethingeveryday during the week is a nice way to mix up my day a little. At the weekend I chill, pack away my trainers and eat my bodyweight in Phish Food.

In terms of scheduling, I like to sit down at the beginning of every month and write myself a month-long plan in a word document (that’s where I made the little table that you see above). It’s a bit of a rough plan, but I look at what I’ve got in my diary for the next four weeks and give myself an idea of when I can fit everything in. Then each Sunday evening I firm up that plan.

It’s a pretty regimented way of doing things, but only that or a new pair of workout leggings is what will make me haul my ass to the gym. It’s a tried and tested routine and weirdly *whispers* I enjoy it. I love a bit of routine me. Such a rebel.

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