So, this is about something. That I’ve wanted to talk about but have been too scared to write about it as people might make allegations about me.

Last year, If you didn’t know. I met someone on Twitter. I won’t say that name as it’s not right to say people’s names without permission. 

We fell in love, sort of. We kept sending messages about how we wanted to be with each other forever. Honestly, I loved him. I felt that I couldn’t meet anyone else like him.

It was all great, until one day. We sent   messages about sex ( yep, sexting). Then my dad saw my phone as was in shock to see what was sent. At this point I was at the age of sixteen.

My dad went to the police station reporting a suspecting grooming incident. My phone was examined and never seen again. 

At the time I was heartbroken. I felt that my heart suddenly dropped. I wanted to die. I did try and run away as I wanted to be somewhere else. 

That’s all I’m saying for now. Contact for details and fulk story.

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