I’ve always been partial to a big ol’ bubble bath, but more so since having my own has it almost become part of a ritual. It’s half an hour to shut the door (to washing, dinner in the oven and adult responsibilities) pick out some fresh pyjamas, grab a copy of Red and totally indulge. So, today I thought I’d share some of the items that have been keeping me company during my downtime and some favourites that have pretty much become empty…

The Caddy Line Up
Who’d have thought I’d ever have a bath caddy?? Who am I? Being one of the first things I ordered when we had our moving day (priorities from a girl still without a sofa)- it’s been pretty handy (and space saving, let’s be honest) having these picks within arms length. My two favourite go-to bath fillers go to Fresh’s Sake bath (so much so that it’s now empty) and the Jo Malone Roses bath oil– both are suitably luxurious (just a capful of the oil smells delicious– with the Sake Bath also being great for reliving tension after a stressful day. I’ve also been loving Zoe’s Bath Frosting from her Jelly and Gelato range, which is the cutest idea and something totally new to bath time. For skin care I love this Herbivore Coconut Rose body polish (style andsubstance) as well as the L’Occitane Pate Delicescrub and Refining Concentrate for a heavy duty moisturise post bath or shower. Finally, if I’m feeling a bit fancy (or, ahem, extra/hormonal) a mini Diptyque candle to fill the room for ultimate zen is always a hit, and Figuier is currently my scent of choice.

Shower Time
Let’s be honest- sometimes there just isn’t time for a serious soak- and that’s when a put the world to rights shower is just the ticket. Although I’m not particularly fussy when it comes to shower gels- the trio that I currently love include Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, the gorgeous vegan (and nearly totally natural) shower gels from YOPE– as well as this total treat from Pai, in the shape of their Gentle Genius body wash, which as well as being great for super sensitive skin comes with a konjac sponge (which has near enough revolutionised shower time for me).

On to hair! There are really only two main players in my shampoo and conditioner stakes at the moment, the Pantene Micellar shampoo and foaming conditioner really do suit my barnet to a t. Preventing grease and without weighing down (or overly softening) my hair, these two are pretty much my failsafe go-to’s for when I know I’d really just like a good hair day the next day.



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