I’m excited to introduce some new wonder products in to my routine, and thought I’d pop together a post of first impressions for anyone that may be interested.

Fortifying Green Bath Potion:
This was the product that I’d heard people wax lyrical about. Peppered with fennel and oozing a heady peppermint herbal scent- this is the perfect remedy for achy joints, a tired head or even a lurking winters cold, and let me tell you- there’s nothing more calming than popping a couple of capfuls of this into a hot bath. As well as being de-stressing, it leaves you feeling completely soft and calm- which for a power duo of essential oils ain’t bad for a quick soak.

The Green Balm:
Now, this gal is all for a multi purpose balm. Give me something for my lips, dry, red skin and even a quick cleanse and I’m yours- and this balm does it all. Although I’ve primarily used it as a bedside quick lip fix, I know it’ll come in hugely handy for any red-nosed colds i’m struck down with, nursing itchy skin and even bites come the summer- as well as being the perfect first cleanse travel companion.

Aphrodite Facial Oil:
Although this isn’t something I’ve used much since purchasing, the times I have used it I’ve loved it. I’m yet to properly introduce it into my routine (when you got a good thing going and all that…), but I did notice it being a quick drying, non-irritating oil which goes beautifully under moisturiser- and I’m excited to properly give it a whirl.

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