Monday 26th December

It’s boxing day. This morning I’m so tired as I stayed up all night. I feel so weak as I can’t move around very well. I can’t eat or drink. I’m scared I might throw up again. It’s awful this illness. I HATE it. I hate being ill.

I’m not writing that much for this entry as I’m not well. I’m hoping that I’m well enough to go to France tomorrow.

Tuesday 27th December

Today, I’m staying in the country as I’m still not well. I’m feeling a bit better today which is good.

I’m off shopping in Lakeside with the family. After grabbing  a bit. I went to Bootes and got more make up. Then I headed to Ikea and of course I got lost again. At the end I brought a new duvet.

That was my day, wasn’t much fun but it’s what I did.

Wednesday 28th December

Today, I’m staying in and watching my favorite shows. I tried on my new make up. I painted my nails in the shade Sheer Citrus. I tried on my new bracelet plus I wore my new Superdry jumper which I love so much as I’m addicted to Superdry. I’ve been addicted to Superdry since that age of 13.

Meanwhile outside, it is foggy and cold. Later on it cleared up and the sun came out. In the afternoon I sat downstairs and watched Indiana Jones. My dad wasn’t well so we didn’t do much.

Thursday 29th December

Today it is absolutely freezing as it’s -3 degrees outside! Time to wrap up in a warm blanket with a hot drink.

That’s right today I am going to stay warm and I’m cold. It’s time for a hot chocolate. That’s my best idea yet.

I’ve started to write Chapter two for my new story. It’s a hard process as you have to come up with a story line for the character  and to not reveal to much in that chapter. I have a lot of experience of this as I’ve managed to do so. I guess it’s why I’m a popular writer on

Friday 3oth December

Today,  all I can say is that I woke up at six as I started to not feel well again.

I’ve finally finished chapter two. Next week I’ll start writing it up online as I write on paper before posting it online as I write more when I write on paper.

Later on that afternoon I sat down ans watched Captain America Civil War. It was pretty good but I’m not a huge fan of Marvel. I prefer DC as the heroes have abilities in their DNAs like The Flash got his powers when the particle accelerator exploded. It caused a bit of lighting which hit Barry Allen giving him the speed force.

Saturday 31st December

Well it’s that last day of the year. What a year 2016 has been, with Nico Rosberg claiming that championship in Formula One, Sebastian Buemi clenching that Formula E championship. It has been a great year in sport. The Rio Olympics was great as Team GB got 27 Gold medals. Andy Murray wining Wimbledon and becoming  Number One in the world.

However there has been some truly shocking events.The United Kingdom leaving the EU. Donald Trump wining the election. But losing some great icons. David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher and George Michael. This year will always leave a true mark on all of us.

I’ve had some good and bad moments this year. Finding love which turned out to be terribly dangerous. Joining another website. Having great friends who support me and who make my day more easier. As some days I feel depressed but my friends know my extremely well and they know how to cheer me up.

I hope 2017 will be a great year as I’m hoping this website will give me something to do as I don’t see this as a major site. I see this as a project/ hobby as I love it. I’ve been told that I’m great at designing websites and developing them. I’ve had this dream of running a blog since the age of 12 as my first site was only for a bit of fun with my friends. We would post the most stupidest post ever.Then there was a stage of a YouTube channel called Katelyn88lol. People in the year below became fans of me and of my channels. They would shout my channel name out loud and they would ask me out and ask to marry me. Now they just greet me and they now and then wolf whistle.

Sunday 1st January

HAPPY NEW YEAR! IT’S 2017! Welcome to 2017 and welcome to the first official year of this website as from 3rd January. This site will be fully functional. There will be race reports, Life hacks , Interviews and of course this My Online Journal.

I deiced to do this as you guys don’t know me truly and I’m not all about racing. I want to be more interactive and a role modal to people. I’m seen as a role modal by some kids and I really feel like I can be a better role modal. I have future plans for this website which is making my own merchandise. i might have a magazine which I will be investigation more as I need to see how much it will be to publish it and someone to produce it. I can get a discount of merchandise as I’m a YouTube me member of Spread Shirt. I get a discount on group orders.

Anyway today I have been shopping in Ashford Designer Outlet.I went into M&S Outlet, GAP, Superdry and Sony. For lunch I had something German

At the end of the day. I didn’t buy anything. I spent the rest of the evening, relaxing.I watched more of The Grand Tour. I must admit The Grant Tour is better than the new Top Gear. I guess I’ll stop watching Top Gear.

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