19th December – 25th December

Monday 19th December

Today is a bit gloomy as it’s all grey outside . It’s only six days to Christmas which I’m not interested in this year. It appears that I have lost the Christmas spirit.

I couldn’t sleep last night as I had a lot of things on my mind, a boy. It was someone I was going out with. He didn’t care about me as we barely saw each other. We only spoke on social media which isn’t great.

Tuesday 2oth December

Today is a bet better as it’s clear skies. There is a bit of fog covering the filed where I live.

I’m home alone today for a bit as my parents are working and my brother is at school. I have no clue what to do as I don’t have any internet access at home due to bad experiences with grooming. It’s boring without my phone as I can’t talk to my friends. I can’t ask them How their day was? Where are they? Are they having a great Christmas?  It’s things like that I can’t do anymore.

Wednesday 21st December

Today I’m going to do some coursework for my studies as I’m aiming to get some good grades. I haven’t got a clue yet if I want to go to university or to get a job. I’d prefer to get  my studies done first to see what grades I end up with.

It’s that time of the year that people get offers from university a few people I know have offers from some I want to go to. It’s hard for me to get offers as I have a learning disability. I’ve always struggled with school. Especially with English, I was good at writing but bad a reading.

The one subject I was good at was ICT. I loved IT as I learned so much. I created databases, websites and games. I would spend hours out of school improving my work. I managed to pass ICT.

After I finished my coursework I sat down and watched one of my favorite shows The Flash. I’m totally obsessed with the show as I write a lot of fanfics about the show.I have a few predictions what might happen. It’s the best show to watch with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

I remember last year I was in France at ski school. I fell over a few times. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

Two years ago today I was filming a Christmas video for YouTube when all the sudden, I fell ill. I was rushed into hospital to find out that my appendix had burst.

Thursday 22nd December

Today, my parents went Christmas food shopping. They went at six in the morning meanwhile I stayed home with the kids.

These past few days, I’ve been coming up with a new idea for a story. I don’t know if it’s good yet as I haven’t finished it yet. When I get back to school I will show my friends my story and hopefully they will give an opinion of it.

Today gives me a memory, two years today I was having my appendix operation. I remember before the surgery I was messaging a friend and they wished me luck. After my op, I opened Facebook to see lots of comments from people at school asking if I was okay? what’s wrong? There where a few messages from people as well. I remember learning to walk again as it was so painful. The first few steps where the worse.I almost fell over  as I didn’t have the straight to move.

Friday 23rd December

Today, I am watching and taking care of the kids.My mum isn’t well so I’m looking after the kids. First, I make breakfast the I put the in the living room and put the tv on. I made a  train track for my little brother.

At lunch, My dad came home from work, I made lunch for the kids. After lunch we went last minuet Christmas shopping. We went into Next, New Look and TK Max as we were looking to buy my mum a present. My dad didn’t know what to get my mum so I helped him. At the end we brought two jumpers.

We were going to watch Rouge One but my mum wasn’t well. We just stayed at home and watched The Grand Tour. It was so funny and my annoying brother wouldn’t stop  laughing.

Saturday 24th December

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! Tomorrow is Christmas day. It’s the one day that the waiting for Christmas is annoying. Every year in my house I watch a film before bed.

I’m finally going to see Rogue One! I’ve seen every Star Wars film from Episode One to Episode 7.I have every DVD and I had a poster next to my bed which is Episode 3 Revenge of The Sith. I even paid a subscription to Star Wars for figurines. My friends might find me weird I’m just being myself. Same with motorsports, it makes me who I am.

Rogue One was amazing! I really like it as it gave a clear picture of what happened between episode 3 and episode 4. Felicity Jones was brilliant as her character. I would recommend you to see it as it’s a great side story to the saga. Hopefully I might write a fanfic on it as I’m planning on doing it.

Sunday 25th December

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all had a great day with your friends and families.

I’m at home as usual with my parents and brothers. There were a lot of presents. Sadly, not all of them were for me. I got a eye shadow pallet, lip glosses, nail polish as I’m the nail queen in my friendship group.I also got some bath stuff and a perfume from soap and glory.

At lunch time we had our Christmas dinner. One of my brothers didn’t join us as he wasn’t feeling well.  We had lamb instead of turkey as it doesn’t take long to cook. One year it took hours to defrost a turkey. We didn’t get dinner till Eight O’clock.

There have been some memorable Christmas’ as last year I was having in Morginz , Switzerland on a mountain. I also did some skiing.

One time at Christmas, we had a cake which my nan brought. It was rock solid. My dad had to destroy it with a sledgehammer. There was one year that I got my first Laptop and an iPod Nano. There was a time I got a DS Lite. I also got an iPod Touch plus I got a PS2 and my favorite game.

Sadly, later on that night. I become very ill. It was so unusual  as I had been well all day. I decied to camp out in the bathroom. Least I can say I’ll remember this year.



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