16th January – 22nd January

Monday 16th January

It’s Monday which means that I have school today. I don’t usually like school but on Mondays I finish at 4. Today, I’m leaving early for a hospital appointment. I won’t say about it in more detail as it’s my confidentiality.

I walk into school. My friend isn’t in yet. I start to work on a skin for my minecraft person. As I’m a part of a series. I’ve been told that I must have a colour for my skin which must have to do with my name. I use purple as my name in the series is Amethyst. My skin looks good so far as I’ve gone for an ender look. I think enderman is a great creature in minecraft. I hate creepers as they always blow up my house.

My friend walks in half an hour late. They take a look at my new skin and they laugh. At this moment I was confused as I didn’t understand what’s wrong with it. Apparently I have made a tiny mistake which looks a bit inappropriate. I won’t say what I’ve done. I guess I’ll fix the mistake and it will be okay to enter in the series. Script writing is going very well as we’ve almost finished episode 10.

Two hours later, I had to go to class for Media Production. Today, we were talking about early access games on Steam. We have to play one and review it and contact the owner of the game about permission to change it. I got a response back and they said yes as they would like to see my version plus they would get the revenue of the game. The game will be featured on this website.

After the lesson, I was off to hospital for a CBT appointment. Again, I won’t go into detail.

When I got home, I went upstairs to watch an episode of RWBY. I also looked at some game play videos of some of the early access games we are learning about.

Tuesday 17th January

Well, It’s Tuesday which means I have a first lesson that’s right Hospitality.

I walk into school. My friends are talking about me. They talked about how psycho I have become. I know it’s not true as I haven’t killed anyone yet. They called me a Yandree which is an anime person who kills everyone who gets near her love. Kind of like a psychopath.

I head off the class with tears. I clear my tears as I walk into class. In class, we had to finish our work again. I realised that I had done my work wrong. My teacher gives me back my work with their corrections.

After class, me and my friends head out to town in a friend’s car. We parked in a car park and headed out to places.

When we got back. We just chilled for an hour as we had a free lesson. I was working on a new layout for this site. My friends were watching youtube videos. I probably looked at seven different layouts and they didn’t really suit my website vision.

The bell rang for fourth lesson. It was Media Production. Today, we were still drawing. I drew a cat. My friends laughed at my drawing as it was so bad.

After the lesson, I went home. I had a cup of tea and I watched the rest of the season finale of Nashville. My mum got home from picking up my brother from school. I went upstairs to study about how to serve people as   I need to know for my practical.

For the rest of the evening, I was watching some DanTDM videos. I like his videos as he makes minecraft enjoyable.

Wednesday 18th January

Today, it’s cold. It’s very frosty as it’s 3 degrees. My friends head out to town as they wanted coffee. I went with them and I got a latte

When I got back to school. I started typing last week’s entry. I also was still writing it in my journal.

When third lesson came it was maths. I went to maths as I hadn’t passed it. I had to do a worksheet which I had no clue how to solve the questions. This was because I hadn’t done maths in a while.

Fourth lesson was hospitality. I went to my locker to get my book which is where I write my work and my assignments.

Lunch came and I was working. It was fun as there are some humours students who make us laugh.

Final lesson, it was media production. Today, I was shading the cat picture that I drew. I did this to make it more realistic.

When I got home. I had dinner and I watched a few YouTube videos. My parents went out shopping. So, I stayed at home alone at home. I watched a minecraft tutorial.

When my parents got back. I got ready for bed as it was almost 9 o’clock.

Thursday 19th January

Today, it’s my favourite driver’s birthday. That’s right, Jenson Button . Happy 37th birthday.

Today, it’s also a long day as I finish at four. It’s not great that I finish at four as I have to wait for the bus.

First, it was media production. The business side. Today, we were typing our research our questionnaires on excel.

The whole day was long. Fourth lesson was a 1:1 lesson as I needed help. So, I went to the special educational needs area for some help.

At lunch, I was working with my friend. We were chatting about ShadowHunters. She ships Malec. I ship them too as they’re so cute.

After lunch, I had hospitality. Today, class was quite as the loudest person in class wasn’t in. We did some roleplays ahead of our practical.

After hospitality, I had English. In English, we were looking at news articles and looking at the connotations the heads gives off to the header. We were looking at a capital punishment one.

After English, I went to the pupils entrance to meet a friend. My friend was giving me a lift to my dad’s work. We went in her uncle’s car.

When I arrived at my dad’s work. He told me to ring the police back about my ex. So, I did. I talked to the investigator and she said she had talked to him, today. She also said he will NOT speak to me ever again. I actually hate him. He should stop talking to little girls and he should get a job like most teenagers.

When I got home, I had dinner. My dad asked me to watch the kids while he had to pick up his van from work.

Later on, I had a bath. Watched Death in paradise and went to bed thinking about my ex. Trying to forgive him.

Friday 20th January

It’s Friday, which means nearly the end of the week. Today, I was going to be working again as my colleague can’t be bother to come in.

First, it was English. We were looking at the text and seeing how much of it is made up. I have a strong opinion about the media. I wouldn’t consider myself as a media person as I’m not at the scene.

After English, I had hospitality. Today, we had to ask my work colleagues some questions about customer satisfaction. I also had to let them know about that I was covering.

After hospitality, it was break. I was waiting for a response back from my dad, My friend’s asked me if I would like to go to town with them. I had no money but they said I should come anyway. So, I did.

We headed to town. There was four of us. We first went to the bank. Then we went to poundland. After we went somewhere where there is more class, Waitrose.

When we got back. My friends had a lesson and I was working on writing up the rest of last week’s entry.

Lunch came and I was working. It was busy today as everyone mostly eats on Friday as it was fish and chips. It was packed , we didn’t stop till the end of lunch serving people.

After lunch, I went home. When I got home. My mum went to pick up my brother from school.

Saturday 21st January

Today, I’m watching my brothers. My dad is working at somewhere in Essex. Him and a colleague were fixing an air bag system to keep cyclists safe.

When it came to lunch, I made lunch and after lunch, I put the kids to bed. I sat down watching Zootropolis.

When my dad got home. He put the kids in the car with his colleague as he was dropping him off.

Sunday 22nd January

Today, I don’t know what to do or say. I’ve been working on a sad love song called Forever isn’t always. It’s a song about my ex.

Me and my dad started watching season two of The man in the high castle.

For lunch, we had crispy pancakes, My brother didn’t eat his. Me and my dad put the kids to bed.

Me and my dad continued watching The man in the high castle. We watched up to episode 3.

When my mum came home. I headed upstairs as me and my mum aren’t close. I started watching some LDShadowLady videos. I also started watching some RoosterTeeth videos. I love RoosterTeeth as I would like to work there. They always make me laugh. I love the shows they do as they do RWBY, RED VS BLUE and a few other shows that I watch.

My mum called me downstairs for dinner. We had fish and chips. I took my anti- depressants as I take them daily.

After dinner, I had a fruit cake and I headed upstairs to continue watching some more RoosterTeeth videos.


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